Starz Hall

in Pelekas

Starz Hall

Multi-purpose event venue in Pelekas, Corfu

At the foothills of beautiful Pelekas, a group of experienced and established people has created an alternative multi-purpose venue that, thanks to its flexible infrastructure, can host social, professional, cultural, alternative and artistic events.

The imposing building of modern architecture dominating the area can host 50 to 3,000 people, depending on the form and the needs of the event.

In the outside area, having the beautiful environment as a reference point, we designed our premises in such a way that we have created a harmonious whole of nature, modern architecture and functionality capable of hosting up to 3,000 people.

Access to the venue is particularly easy, as it is located within the first 100 meters of the Pelekas-Sinarades provincial road and faces the street.



  • Indoor space with a capacity of 500 people at a formal dinner and of 1,000 people in a conference layout
  • 2 Bars
  • 3 Parking lots with a total capacity of 400 cars.
Dimitris ProvatasStarz Event Hall at Pelekas