Kommeno Castle Villa

In Kommeno, Corfu

Kommeno Castle Villa

magnificent view of Kommeno bay

The Luxurious Villa (Kommeno Castle Villa) is located in Corfu, in the area of Kommeno, and has a pool and a sunlit terrace.

The villa has a balcony and a patio with a sea and pool view. Free Wi-Fi is available in all places.

In cooperation with Starz Catering, we offer unrepeatable wedding nights.

Welcome your guests with a view of the exquisite Kommeno bay and experience exciting moments until morning.


  • Outdoor space with a capacity of 80 people at a sit-down buffet and of 150 people at stand-up cocktail tables
  • Private Pool
  • Bridal Suite with a Jacuzzi bathtub and a sauna
  • Parking lot for 50 cars
Dimitris ProvatasKommeno Castle Villa